Over the years, the reality TV genre has become a phenomenon in Nigeria with the success of shows like

The success of these shows have been attributed to viewers' voyeuristic hunger to invade other people's privacy, seeing them at their best and worst moments.

The success is also proof that Nigerians love to watch drama unfold across the screen. They find the sex, fights and relationships on these shows engaging and entertaining.

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, is taking reality TV in Nigeria a notch higher with the launch of Linda Ikeji TV - an online on-demand streaming platform - which would be home to over 10 new reality shows.

It all started on December 14, 2017, with the announcement of "Oyinbo Wives of Lagos," a show which focuses on Nigerian women married to white men.

Over time, new shows such as "King Tonto," "Magodo Mums and their friends" and "Ajegunle with Love" were announced.

Unlike most popular reality TV shows in Nigeria, there's no elimination of contestants on regular basis with the goal of giving the winner the prize money at the end.

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In these compelling dramas created by Linda Ikeji, viewers can expect shows different from anything they have ever seen on Nigerian TV. In one of her Instagram posts, Ikeji asked viewers to expect drama, friendship, love, tears, backbiting, pulling of wigs, and maybe sex.

With "My Life as a Former Stripper," Ikeji captures the story of Annabel, who represents several women navigating a peculiar world with specific challenges.

In teasers for "Gidi Girls," "Oyinbo Wives" and "Made in Gidi," the women fight over silly things. They are loud, aggressive extra and "ratchet." They are nothing like what you're used to.

All the anticipated reality TV shows coming soon to Linda Ikeji TV

Gidi Girls

"Gidi Girls" follows five Lagos girls - Lilian, Vonney, Mercy, Precious and Eloho - who through their actions, show the world their hustle in Lagos.

Oyinbo Wives of Lagos

"Oyinbo Wives of Lagos" will focus on the daily activities of six Nigerian women, who are married to white men.

The ladies are Oby, Michelle, Linda, Kenny, Oluchi and Beatrice.

Ajegunle with Love

Shot in Ajegunle - a neighbourhood in Lagos - the reality TV show focuses on the lives of people who were born and brought up there.

King Tonto

A reality show about Tonto Dike will focus on her duties as a mum as she tries to balance fame and motherhood. She also undergoes a cosmetic surgery, revealing that her body has always been something she's ashamed of.

EX-Girlfriends of Nigerian Entertainers

The cast of this one includes mostly baby mamas. Their identity is being kept under wraps, before their former boyfriends come and 'pour sand sand in our garri,' the media mogul said.

Made in Gidi

Produced by Dami Dawson and created by Linda Ikeji, "Made in Gidi"will feature seven women and five men living together in a house with no laptops, no phones or television.

True and Bare

This upcoming reality show which also features Bobrisky, captures a pure, unpredictable, down to earth, unconventional, fun and a little crazy Toyin Abraham.

Annabel: My Life as a Former Stripper

Described as a sad and overwhelming story, this show will follow the life of a former Nigerian stripper named Annabel Odi, who was stripping at Lagos clubs until the day she walked into the Linda Ikeji Media office in Lekki.

Highway Girls of Eko

"Highway Girls of Eko" is a reality TV show based on the untold stories of several prostitutes in Nigeria.

Magodo Mums and Their Single Friend

This will chronicle the lives of a group of married friends and their one single friend, and how they navigate through love, friendship, and conflict.

Ice Prince: Rise and Grind

"Rise and Grind" follows the life of Nigerian rapper Ice Prince Zamani, who is popular for songs such as 'Oleku,' 'Superstar' and'Aboki.'

Just like most reality shows which attempt to reduce a whole day or week of someone's life into an hour-long episode of entertainment, some of these shows would be scripted or edited to include situations that can create drama, suspense and keep viewers coming back for more.

With the above-mentioned TV shows, Ikeji has kicked off a trend and format, which many would, in years to come, try to emulate.

It's too early to establish how successful these shows will become, but based on the past success of the reality TV genre in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji is on the right path to creating a media empire.