popularly known as Frank Donga was recently a guest at Pulse TV.


In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria, Kunle Idowu spoke on birth of Frank Donga, misconceptions people have about him, transition from Journalism to comedy, among other interesting topics.

On birth of Frank Donga;

"Frank Donga is my alter ego. It was kind of leaked out to the world when I was working with an online TV platform " the actor said.

According to the actor who used to work as a camera person and video editor, his friends MO and Femi encouraged him to record his 'usual crazy stuffs' which he never thought was extra ordinary.

"I would say stuffs, and my friends Mo and Femi will roll on the funny and say 'this is so funny. You know what, this is some stuff we could record later.'  And then, that particular day I was wearing that pink shirt to work, and I said a couple of things and they kept laughing.

I said 'you know what guys?  We've said it for too long, grab your cameras let's record something. Basically that's was how it came to what you guys see ."

On transition;

"Well, even in the newsroom - because the newsroom can be pretty intense, we needed to stay sane. I would do my crazy thing, and my friends back at the station now watching this would  probably agree with that. We would just crack each other up. It was just a normal life for me."

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The actor became a household name for the character Frank Donga, which made its debut in ‘The Interview’ comedy series about a job seeking hilarious man.

In 2015, Idowu was nominated for best actor in a comedy in the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award. He

Watch his interview with Pulse Nigeria below.