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Director of the upcoming movie,  Krissyjoh Chris, took to his Facebook page to defend the nudity in his upcoming untitled film.

"Nudity in movie is not a crime. Yes, it's true. My actress "Maria Francis" is not a prostitute, thank God she has now opened up, before she was afraid," he said.

"I gave her the courage to come out from her hidden pit, I'm so happy that Nigerians have heard it all from the horse's mouth. She didn't do it for money nor fame, this is the same reply I replied the journalists . Some say she has slept with her and almost all the girls who acted nude in the epic film. I'm also happy that some of the girls are now beginning to respond to interviews."

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The actress who shared the set photo, called on the public to quit judging her. According to the actress, this is about her profession, and saving the movie industry.

Read her response in an interview below;

"This is about my profession. It is all because I wanted to use it to tell the real story of what happened back then in our country, Nigeria. It is also in a bid to tell our younger ones how we started back then, and the only way to do that is to express it in a professional manner.

I am a Christian, for crying out loud. I fear God and worship him as best as I can. But would that stop me from doing my job? I think that shouldn’t. Some ask how much I was paid to expose my body like that. Others want to know ask why I did it.

They say I am desperate and a paid prostitute. All I want them to know is that I am just a good actor, who takes her job with the seriousness it deserves. I only played the character given to me and interpret the role well. I’m not here for fame or money.”

"Let the world know that it is not easy for anyone to come out and change his or her identity, in order to make films look real. The world should be more supportive than criticising us. They always want Nollywood to give them good movies but if there are no good actors, there would be no good movie. Why are Nigerians not watching Nollywood movies again and prefer Mexican and Hollywood films? Is it not because they are tired of what we act and produce? Yes. They feel we are lacking behind.

This is what we are trying to correct and save our dying film industry. Here, I promise my fans, that I would not disappoint them. It is not about sex but good acting."

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In March 2016, Krissjoh defended his upcoming movie saying “I am just trying to bring back the ancient tradition where women dress without covering their breasts in public.”

Peace Maria is an Akwa Ibom born upcoming Nollywood actress.