According to Variety, the drama series is a workplace drama about four female LAPD officers, who attended the police academy together five years ago and are forced to reconnect after a high-stakes, traumatic secret returns to haunt them.

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The actress had earlier announced her plan to go behind the scenes. "I believe strongly in the importance of having a seat at the table," Washington said.

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Washington is popular for her character Olivia Pope on ABC hit series "Scandal." The sixth episode of the Shonda Rhimes show which was previously scheduled to premiere this fall, was undefined

Speaking with Associated Press, Washington who is expecting her second child, stated that her pregnancy had nothing to do with the delay.

According to her, Rhimes found out about her pregnancy a couple weeks after her announcement about the new “Scandal” schedule.

Washington also starred in the 2016 biopic "Confirmation," which features her as Anita Hill.