Award winning Ghanaian actress and producer, Kanfui Danku, is popular for her movies like 'Devil in a Dress' , 'Letter to My Mother' and other blockbusters.

In a recent interview with Razz Newspaper, the filmmaker revealed that some Ghanaian actors have bad breath.

‘Some actors have bad breath (laughs). Sometimes when rehearsing your lines with some, the kind of breath that comes out is disturbing (laughs) but you can’t complain or tell the fellow.’ ‘Some of the scent (stench), when it enters your nose, you can’t stand (laughs), its strong and powerful (laughs).

I’m sorry I won’t mention any name so if your follow-up question is to ask me to mention names, I’m sorry I can’t mention any names but I must admit that I’ve also come into contact with some who have fresh and healthy breath.’ - She said.