Everybody has a favourite TV show, but for some Nigerians, it isnt

Recently, a follower asked that the actress rest the comedy TV show which stars her as the titular character.

The series is arguably the most successful media franchise, but that isn't the major reason why we think it shouldn't end. At least, for now.

Pulse Movies have put together five reasons why "Jenifa's  Diary" should continue.

1. It is still an interesting watch

"Jenifa's Diary" is still as funny, entertaining and educating as it was the first day it made its debut.

Aside from Jenifa's bad English and outlandish behaviour, the show uses any given opportunity to educate viewers on topical issues.

2. "Jenifa's Diary" is one of the few shows that are changing with time

In this Internet age, people no longer watch TV the way they did in the days of "Checkmate" and Funke Akindele is one of the few who understands this.

"Jenifa's Diary" is one of the few series with numerous avenues by which it can be viewed. It's on AIT, NTA, ROK TV, YouTube and her streaming channel, Sceneone TV.

Its availability is probably the reason why it is currently the most popular TV series in Nigeria.

3. It is still winning awards

We understand and agree that awards don't always mean greatness, but, it doesn't still take away the fact that the show is a multiple Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award winner.

4. It is still creating stars

Nollywood is currently struggling to create a new crop of A or B- or C-List actors, and TV series like "Tinsel" has in the past, been a means of making them.

With "Jenifa's Diary," Funke Akindele has and is still creating characters that viewers care about and are interested in.

Considering the popularity of the show, actors who play these characters in turn become household names. For instance, Juliana Olayode as Toyosi and Lota Chukwu as Kiki.

5. There simply isn't another comedy show to "Jenifa's Diary"

On the big screen, comedy movies are leading the box office. On the small screen, there are not enough comedy series to entertain viewers.

So, why cancel "Jenifa's Diary," which still has a huge following and impact on pop culture for nothing?