Talented Nollywood filmmakers,

It's 2016, and the duo are set to entertain viewers as Chief Felix and Lady Obianuju Onwuka in the upcoming movie " The Wedding Party." 

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Doyle took to her Instagram page to celebrate the talented RMD whom he described as a consummate professional.

Doyle who has worked alongside the actor in three 2016 movies, recalled their first time on set.

She shared a photo with the caption:

"Coming into this business a little over 2 decades ago...I had a short list of people I wanted and hoped I'd work with. It's a no brainer that was top on that list when it came to leading men. I remember that first opportunity ...on the set of AMAKA IGWE'S "SOLITAIRE"....

It was difficult looking him in the face talk more of kissing him...I mean this was "RMD"!!! God bless JMD his wife who was pregnant and on set at the time; who with an amused look quipped.."what's wrong with these 2 fairly used pple??? . I beg make una do so we can all go home... That surely helped to break the ice for me...

It's been 20+ years now... this year alone I've been privileged to work opp this consummate professional on at least 3 projects. ..and at different times during the course of this period I've also been privileged to experience this rare individual on more personal levels as friend, big brother and husband...

Is it man crush day today??? No matter! I celebrate this man today just because. This person who while fully aware of his (very real) larger than life persona still let's "little lights" shine...a leading member of the brigade of people who truly make this industry look good and promising... Like fine wine may you continue to age with grace!!!"

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Ireti Doyle and Richard Mofe Damijo will next be seen in the romantic comedy "The Wedding party," which will also premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, TIFF announced that the movie will premiere on its opening night as a selection of the Spotlight City to City programme. The premiere scheduled for Thursday, September 8, 2016, will hold at the historic Elgin Theatre.