Niyi Akinmolayan told his fans and associates that the first time he used a fancy camera was when he shot 'The Wedding Party 2.'

In a tweet, the director, the Nollywood blockbuster from the stable of EbonyLife films afforded him the opportunity to make use of more sophisticated filming equipment.

"Let me tell you a secret...did you know that the first time I ever used a big fancy camera and even field monitors in all my 10yr film career was on "The Wedding Party 2". most people don't believe films like "the Arbitration" and "Out of Luck" were shot with small DSLR cameras," he tweeted.

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Akinmolayan went further to say, "There are many smart ways you can get great quality once you understand how things work. Many producers end up wasting money or spending so much on the wrong things. I hope I can use this workshop to show them how they can make smart decisions before their next productions."

The filmmaker and CEO at Anthill productions shot EbonyLife film's 'Chief Daddy,' which is currently in the cinemas. The movie is touted to have grossed over N100 million since its release in December 2018.