While fans are yet to get over Arins death on telenovela "Hush,"

Dede's character made her debut on Friday, August 5, 2016. The final scene of the episode saw the maid inform Bem that he has a guest - the guest was revealed as the beautiful Michelle Dede.

The character Omowunmi Banjo, who has been described as one 'in charge of her world," joins the show as a prosecutor.

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Dede joins series after lead character Arinola Cardoso-Tsenogu was murdered. Arinola, played by Thelma Okoduwa, was one of the state’s fastest rising politicians on show.

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A tale of fashion, politics and ambition which follows different members of high society as they collide, the story of "Hush" revolves around Bem and Arinola, power-players in fashion and politics respectively.

Bem, played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, is one of Africa’s biggest designers based in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The intrigue kicked off when Bem proposes marriage to Arinola, an action that sets in motion a chain of events propelled by the secrets in their respective lives, secrets that run through the backrooms of secret societies, the corridors of the judiciary and on social media.

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The telenovella which airs weeknights at 9pm CAT, also stars Olu Jacobs, Baj Adebule, Rotimi Adelegan and Meg Otanwa.

Dede is popular as the character Tari Gambadia in the series“Desperate Housewives Africa." Her character is the African character representation of Susan Mayer in the original series "Desperate Housewives."