On the season 12 finale of

From a wedding to a baby, check out five things that happened on season 12 finale episode titled "Family Affairs."

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1. Waren delivered April of her baby in Meredith’s house, using a kitchen knife to perform an emergency C-section.

2. Jo rejected Alex Karev’s proposal because she is still married to a man who abused her. She revealed that she has been using a fake name as a secret identity.

3. Arizona decided to let Callie go to NYC with Sophia, as long as they share custody.

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4. Struck with panic and fear, Amelia fled her wedding to Owen, but eventually returned after she came to her senses.

5.  the final moments of the episode, Maggie confided in Meredith about her feelings for Dr. Riggs, whom Meredith had sex with.

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