Nollywood actor, Greg Oj, shared what defines a good film for him.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria, the talented actor also spoke on the cinema culture in Nigeria.

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According to the "Encounter" actor, a good film is one with a good story and a touch of comedy.

"Good film for me is a good story. I want to forget that I am watching a movie, and just be taken away by it," he said." Then good technicals. I want the pictures to be clear, I want to hear what the actors are saying."

"As much as possible, I always like a bit of comedy in it, just a little comic relief. It always helps to bring us out a bit, then take us back in."

During the interview (which can be watched above) the actor also spoke on the cinema culture in Nigeria.

"I'm pretty impressed. More and more people are embracing the cinema lifestyle," he said.

"I can tell that from the number of times I have been to the cinema for tours - sell out, sell out, here and there. It shows that a lot of people have adopted that culture. They are willing to come out and pay to see a movie, instead of waiting for Alaba boys to pirate, or download online."

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Ojefua's is popular for "The Encounter," "Suru L'ere," "Just Not Married," "The Arbitration," "It's Her Day" among others.