Grace Amah has replied Christabel Goddy for saying that God is punishing Ibinabo for wrongfully banning her.

In February 2016, Nollywood actress  Christabel Goddy was suspended for allegedly biting off flesh from co-actress, Princess Chineke's thigh.

Following the fight, Goddy was suspended by the then president of  the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

by the current AGN president, Emeka Ike, who likened the ban to jungle justice.

Goddy recently opened up on the controversial incident in an interview with Punch newspaper.

According to the actress, nobody heard her side of the story before dubbing her a cannibal, and placing a ban on her.

She went further to state that undefined"I believe that it is because she passed a wrong judgement against me that God is punishing her," Goddy said in an interview with Punch.

Read Grace Amah's reply below;

''Recently, I read a statement credited to Christabel where she allegedly said that the travails Ibinabo Fiberesima, President AGN, in the Court was as a result of what the President did to her (Christabel). Christabel had alleged that Ibinabo wrongly passed judgement on her by banning her from Acting in line with the rules of AGN after Christabel was found guilty for fighting and biting a colleague at a movie location.   I have said it severally that every profession has its own rules and guidelines or code of conduct. AGN certainly has its own rules one of which is the fact that colleagues are not allowed to fight at locations and where such inevitably happens, whoever is the culprit should be punished accordingly.

The fight between Christabel and Princess Chineke which took place on a movie set was reported to the President of AGN. The President after listening to the actors examined the circumstances of the case which I do not need to repeat here and felt that Christabel was on the wrong side of the law and banned her from Acting for a period of time as stipulated in the AGN rules.

ALSO READ: undefinedRather than apologize for her wrong doing, Christabel took to the media to chastise President Ibinabo and started insinuating that her travails came as a result of the punishment given to her for misconduct.  While it would ordinarily not be necessary to join issues with Christabel over her reckless and shameful comments, I feel it is important that we recognise that a leader does not represent himself or herself when holding public office. The leader represents the people and is guided by the rules made by the people. Ibinabo didn't seem to have any personal issues with Christabel. In discharging her duties as President of AGN, she was only carrying out a mandate conferred on her by the members of Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

If a member acts with impunity and it's not punished, other members would do the same and of course, they will not be punished. That will amount to indiscipline. Professional groups such as AGN need to strictly promote discipline and respect among members. The comment of Christabel is one of the reasons we have been calling for strong rules and regulations in AGN so that members will understand that there is need for discipline in the Guild. The fact that one is offended by an action of a leader does not warrant attack and mockery on the person of the leader. Any person could hold the position tomorrow. That is where the golden rule applies: "Do unto others what you would want them do unto you".

It is unprofessional for Christabel to have come to the media to castigate AGN President for an offence she committed by herself. Even though leadership position attract all sorts of reactions especially when some decisions are taken, which is why President Buhari or even his Predecessor in office Goodluck Jonathan were called all sorts of names, it is still necessary that members of reputable Organization like AGN should conduct themselves as role models which they are and continue to be models to young people and those looking upon them. Reducing our internal matter to media debate to attract sympathy only amounts to display of internal disorder and lack of discipline. We should call ourselves to order.

To ascribe Ibinabo’s Court case which started over ten years ago to something that happened recently just to score a cheap point is for me, the most unprofessional display expected of a an Actor. I should think that Christabel needs to show remorse and apologize to AGN. Ibinabo is not AGN, she is there today, tomorrow it may be Christabel's turn to lead. How you expect others to treat you as a leader is how you should treat those who are leading you.  While it is not my duty to judge Christabel on her outbursts against Ibinabo and disrespect to AGN, I think she should retrace her steps and be guided.

Nollywood will grow from strength to strength with men and women of honour.God Bless NollywoodGod Bless Nigeria Ambassador Grace Ama''

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In February 2006, Ibinabo was alleged to have collided with the car of a staff of Lagos State hospital, Giwa Suraj as a result of reckless driving on the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Fiberesima was granted bail from Kirikiri prison for the sum of N2million on Thursday, April 7, 2016, so she can get medical attention for her breast cancer ailment.


On April 4, 2016, Emeka Ike was announced as the undefinedpending its elections in 2018.

Watch Ibinabo in video below.