Popular vlogger Glory Edozien has shared why she started her inspiring blog, 'Inspired by Glory.'

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When I think back now, I recall telling my father I wanted to write a book on the "Psychology of the mind", completely unthinkable for someone my age-I was less than 10. I don’t know where the idea came from, possibly from a movie I had watched. But life is a funny place. I haven’t quite written a book yet, but I certainly love to write. I love the magic that comes from playing with words- how a sentence can actually make a difference.

ALSO READ: undefinedThe truth is I didn’t start out wanting to make a difference. Like everyone, I wanted a life first. So, I did the normal thing- school, university, job and then one day I thought is this it? Is this really what I am going to do with my life? Wake up every day, go to work, pay bills, get married, have kids and keep paying more bills? I wanted something more. I wanted to be excited about my life, to actually love not loathe Mondays. But I was afraid. I didn’t know what excited me or how to even find it. So I did the next thing I thought was normal- I started looking for women who inspired me, women who perhaps by reading about, could in turn inspire me to carve my own foot prints.And so my journey began, the more questions I asked, the more I found the pieces that now make up Inspired by Glory. There are still many pieces to find, more questions to ask and new journeys to begin.  The land of the dream chaser is a scary place, filled with uncertainties, pitfalls and distractions.

ALSO READ: undefinedI share this story because I know firsthand how difficult it is to keep believing in something you cannot see. How to cope with the questioning glances of parents, well meaning family and friends and how much sacrifice is required to live the life you only have a hunch may have potential. Believe me, I know. So every day I put on my laptop and I write. I write for me and for you. I cull, create and edit articles from the most inspirational sources targeted at career women and female entrepreneurs all in an effort  to teach, encourage and inspire all dreamers on their journey.

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That’s why www.inspiredbyglory.com exists. So no matter where you are on your journey, I hope by simply clicking on our website, you will find your own inspiration.

Glory Edozien's "Discovery with Glory" has treated undefined, work and every other entertaining topic.

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