They bring on the drama and the adrenaline rush - what would a show be without the villains and their conflict?

As we anticipate the return of "Game of Thrones" this weekend, we have put together our top five most evil villain ever on show.

Here we go;

1. Melisandre

The Red Priestess of Asshai is understandably dedicated to putting the right man on the throne, but her deep cruel route to achieving her goal is the reason she’s on this list.

From killing Renly Baratheon to burning Shireen, Melisandre's devotion to saving the Kingdoms has done more harm than good. If only she could bring back the much loved Jon Snow, we would totally forgive her evil deeds.

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2. Littlefinger

This list can definitely not be complete without the one man pulling the political strings in Westeros, (Littlefinger).

It takes a lot of skill to be Petyr Baelish played by Aidan Murphy, who is intelligently and calculatingly one of the most powerful men in Westeros.

From  manipulating Lysa Arryn into murdering her husband, to masterminding the 'war of Five kings' and pushing Lysa off a mountain, Petyr Baelis is without doubt the king of all villains.

He is creepy and manipulative, but you just have to love his smartness at playing 'the game of thrones.'

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3. Cersei Lannister

Played by Lena Headey, Cersei Lannister pulls the strings, does unbelievable things like fathering three children with her twin brother, but, she's one person who will  protect herself and her family above all else.

A calculating and ruthless political operator, the fifth season ended with Cersei confessing her incestuous affair to the High Sparrow, and walking naked in public to atone for her sins.


4. Ramsay Bolton

Played by Iwan Rheon, Ramsay Bolton was formerly known as "Ramsay Snow" and is sometimes called "The Bastard of Bolton." The character is widely regarded as the most evil villain in the series, taking after King Joffrey Baratheon.

From  torturing Theon and almost killing him to bringing him back as “Reek,” Ramsey is one villain we can do without on show.

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6. White Walkers

If only everyone understood that the real danger to the Kingdom comes not from the Tyrells, the Lannisters, the Dornish, or a Targeryen .

From killing people for no reason to kidnapping human babies to turn them into White Walkers, they sure do deserve a spot on this list.

In season five, Melisandre burned Shireen Baratheon as part of her ultimate goal to defeat the White Walkers.

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Which of these is the most evil villain on "Game of Thrones"?