Every hardcore "GOT" and Jon Snow fan is hopeful that the twist means something positive as regards Jon Snow's fate.

Titled "The Red Woman," the premiere episode came to an end with Melisandre, in the privacy of her quarters, removing her magical necklace to reveal her true form as an ancient crone.

After Sunday's big revelation, can Melisandre resurrect Jon Snow? Here's four reasons we think the Red Priestess could do just that.;

1. Her magical power is capable of anything

From birthing a shadow demon to kill Renly Baratheon to being immune to life-threatening poisons, the character has proven to be capable of almost anything with her powers.

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2. That Sunday unexpected revelation.

Before the return of "Game of Thrones," fans explored the theory that Jon Snow was still alive, but nobody expected the Melisandre twist that was dropped on Sunday.

It was revealed that Melisandre is actually a very old and ugly woman. The timing of this secret is enough to make one hope it has something to do with one of the most anticipated topic of season - the true fate of Jon Snow.

If she is powerful enough to mask her appearance for such a long time, then she is a lot more powerful than we know, and hopefully, she knows an impressive magical trick that can bring back the much loved character, Jon Snow.


3. Her reaction to Jon Snow's death.

Yes, we all thought she would walk in, make some incantations and return Snow to us, but since we didn't get that, we can hope her 'visions' means something.

"I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell," a sad Melisandre said when she saw Snow's corpse. So, if Lord of Light revealed that to her, then maybe, we will still get to see Snow fight at Winterfell.

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4. Melisandre prays to Lord of the Light.

Melisandre prays to the Lord of Light, the same god who resurrected Beric Dondarrion in the third season, after Thoros of Myr, a Red Priest prayed to it. We all can hope Melisandre utters same prayer, and brings back Snow.

Do you think Melisandre would resurrect Jon Snow?