Funsho Adeolu is a talented filmmaker popular for

Today, May 9 is the veteran's birthday, and to celebrate him, Pulse Nigeria have put together seven things every true fan should know about him.

Here we go;

1. Funsho Adeolu was born on May 9, 1968.

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2. He began his acting career with the 1976 action/drama film "Countdown at Kusini," a movie on the transition of an African country from colonialism to independence.

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3. Funsho got married to his wife Victoria Adeolu in 2005, and they have two boys together.

4. The actor studied Guidance and Counselling at the Ondo State University (OSUT).

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5. Funsho lost his father on Monday, January 26, 2015, after a brief illness

Watch Funsho Adeolu in "Oju Apa" trailer below.