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Currently in its ninth season, the show has had life lessons on friendship and self-esteem come into play. With Jenifa's unending optimism, "Jenifa's Diary" is actually more than just a comedy TV series.

The character is popular for her bad English and outlandish behaviour, which elicits laughter from viewers. But that's not all she's good at. She is also there to educate and address topical issues.

It's Funke Akindele's 40th birthday today, August 24, 2017, and to celebrate the talented actress, Pulse Movies is sharing five of the many times Jenifa was more than a comic character on TV.

1. When she addressed child abuse

In an episode, Jenifa has a conversation with a woman that uses her twins as tools to collect money from sympathetic passers-by.

She threatens to report her to social workers and finally encourages her to get a job for herself, as poverty isn't an excuse for child abuse.

In most parts of Nigeria, child begging has become an issue of concern. In countries like Nigeria and Senegal, several activists have worked towards putting an end to it.

2. When the show preached hard work

As we all know, Jenifa is now a rapper, and she wants to become an instant superstar. In a particular episode, she asked her manager why she is yet to receive a credit alert.

The scene is a reflection of reality. Everyone wants results. Very few want to work hard or go through a challenging process.

3. When Jenifa turned a health instructor

In the above scene, Jenifa tries to convince her friends to go for medical checkup before getting married.

Despite the evolution that the world has seen over the years, there are still couples who get married without checking their genotype, blood group or HIV status.

4. When Jenifa reminded women to work hard for their own money

"Get a job," she told her friend in the above video.

Jenifa advised her friend, who had just been dumped by her boyfriend, to get a job and stop depending on men for her needs.

"Be independent," she added.

5. When Jenifa talked about societal pressure

Being over 30 and single in Nigeria for both men and women isn't easy.

During a conversation with Toyosi in the below video, the character talked about how a typical Nigerian mother seems obsessed her children's marital status.