Remember Liz Benson? I bet you do... "Liz Benson" is one name that is Synonym to the word "Nollywood". She has kept us entertained from the year 1993 when she made an appearance in the TV series "Fortunes".

Liz Benson is popular for her roles in movies like 'Scores to Settle' Evil Men', Glamour Girls', Izaga', Chain Reaction' World's Apart', Conspiracy', Living Funeral and others.

The actress took a break from the Nollywood scene, she made a return with the award winning movie Living Funeral, she has since her return featured in over 3 movies.

The actress is married to Bishop Great Ameye and together they run a ministry called Freedom Family Assembly in Delta State.

Who doesn't love a talented, ever young and pretty woman? We just can't help but love her.