Veteran filmmaker and Director Guild of Nigeria president, Fred Amata, has a different opinion about

According to him, the bill is necessary and needed to control the practice. He revealed this in an interview with  NET.

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“MOPICON is necessary. It is needed. Especially in the evolution of Nollywood as a business, as a sub sector of the Economy," he said.

"We need a practice that is structured. People have argued that we want to control practitioners and I say no, we need to control the practice."

"That’s what MOPICON can do for us at this time. We need to protect the practice, to define the code of ethics and the terms with which people practice and to improve generally the working conditions of practice in Nigeria.”



The Motion Picture Practitioners Council of Nigeria (MOPICON) Bill was created over 10 years ago after a group of industry practitioners sat to draft it.

Recently, Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, inaugurated a Ministerial Committee aimed at fast-tracking the passage into law of the MOPICON Bill.

Watch Fred Amata in video below.