The actress revealed this in a recent interview with New Telegraph.

According to the actress, she kicked off her career in 1990, and has remained relevant without going nude.

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"All I can say is that they don’t have anything to offer. If you believe that the only thing you want to do is preach nudity, automatically you cannot go far in the industry. Like I said earlier, there will always come a time for the back stage, when it comes, what do you want to preach; nudity? When you get to a state that you are about 40 years and your body isn’t appealing as its ought to be, what do you want to preach? We have people like Ayo Mogaji.

I am sure she did not preach nudity in her time. When I was doing ‘ Barber’s Wisdom’, an M-Net new direction movie, the Americans that came referred to Ayo mogaji as the Whoopy Goldberg of Africa. So from that perspective, you know that that person has raw talent to give and not nudity.

I don’t believe that until you go nude is when you preach an act. During our own days until now, its not about nudity, we are still trying to make a difference in whatever we do. Foluke Daramola has come of age, I started acting in the 1990’s and for me to still stay relevant till now, it’s not about nudity."

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In a recent interview with New Telegraph, the filmmaker said men and women shouldn't have equal rights. The actress has become embroiled in a nasty exchange with feminists for the statement.

Daramola is an actress and producer known forundefined "Durodola," "Above Love" among others.

Watch actress in clip below.