Many of our celebrities have had scary near-death experiences.

Nollywood actor and producer, Enyinna Nwigwe, shared his near-death experience after he tumbled eight times in a road accident.

Speaking during an Interview, the'Black November'actor told Pulse TV : "I tumbled about eight times, it was like a stunt from an action film".

"I died last year, yet I’m alive. I was coming from a friend’s wedding, and it was raining. , some driver swerved onto my lane and I got startled".

"On hitting the brakes, I skidded off the bridge. As I was skidding off, I saw the guy driving off. He (The driver) didn’t even know what was happening behind him." - Enyinna Nwigwe said.

"I tumbled about eight times. I was consciously counting while I tumbled down the bridge and across the last express lane".

"It was like a stunt from an action film, and I came out whole and well. It is such a miracle that I can’t stop taking about." - He added.