Over 50 students from the Emem Isongs

The students' end of year talent showcase tagged 'spotlight -the project,' had in attendance Jibola Dabo, Emem Isong, Uduak Isong Oguamanam, Mary Remmy Njoku, and Julius Agwu.

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Others are Ikechukwu, Emem Ufot, Ian Wordi, Boma Mac-ake, Belinda Effah, Chinney Love, Bobby Michaels and Chris Eneng.

Spotlight had the students from three different sets of the academy showcasing their talents -collectively and individual - to end their study in the academy.

Speaking exclusively to Pulse, Emem Isong said "I feel good, I like to encourage the young ones, I have always wanted to leave something sustainable and catering for the youths in the industry, so I got into capacity building. it's something I like to do and maybe it's something I love to do."

Continuing, the filmmaker and administrator said, "I'm happy especially when they talk so well about the academy, some of them had no direction but coming to the academy, they feel a sense of belonging, they find their path, get amazed about what goes on behind the scene and they are excited.

"For me, it's not just a graduation party but a talent showcase for the students every year. And most times, we do this for students that took part for a whole year. We have three sessions and this event is like culminating into every sessions for the student to show their acquired knowledge and skills.

"We also give awards before they go into the bigger picture to explore and see the world. A lot of them are involved in our productions, a lot of them are even working in the academy, my associate producer, my production manager, two editors, the manager of the academy and several others working with us are products of the academy. We are very involved with the academy and today was done and packaged by the academy," Isong said.

Emem Isong is one of the big filmmakers in Nigeria and has remained of the leading female filmmakers in Nigeria with over 50 movies to her credit.