Months after traveling around the world, Ema Edosios first feature movie, Kasala has made its debut at the cinema.

The movie, which narrates the everyday struggles of Nigerian youths living in the ghetto, started showing to the cinema audience on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Kasala has enjoyed good reviews from industry events and film festivals that include the Nollywood Week in Paris.

Earlier this weekend, the movie received five different awards at Zuma film Festival in Abuja.

A scene from the movie, 'Kasala'
A scene from the movie, 'Kasala'

The movie follows the story of four boys, Tunji, Chikodi, Effiong and Abraham living in a Lagos slum and had decided to go on a joy ride with a car belonging to Tunji's no-nonsense uncle.

Things turn sour when they crash the car and only have 5 hours to raise the required funds to fix the vehicle before Tunji’s Uncle gets back from work.

They resort to avenues known to each one of them in order to get quick money.

The movie features Jide Kosoko, Sambasa Nzeribe, Judith Audu Fought and Chimezie Imo among others.