On the list, Rewane described Adetiba as a filmmaker with a solid curriculum vitae.

In a chat with Boason Omofaye on Channels Television’s Business Morning, the Chief Executive Officer, Financial Derivatives Company, described the New Year, as a year of “anxiety and uncertainty” after a turbulent year in 2018.

Kemi Adetiba
Kemi Adetiba

He noted that from 'The Wedding Party' to 'King of Boys,' the filmmaker and music video director has worked her way into the heart of the Nigerian entertainment industry, making herself a priceless gem for an industry that is taking the world by storm.

Adetiba's feature film for 2018, 'King Of Boys' has been critically acclaimed as one of the highest grossing and top films of the year.

Rewane noted that the game-changing personalities will make the economic and social difference in the year 2019.

Other game changers on the list are Aliko Dangote, Wizkid, Viola Davis, Peter Obi, Oby Ezekweili, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, and Seni Sulyman of Andela.