The central point of the story revolves around a set of twin girls (Ufuoma McDermott) who are raised in a very loving close-knit family, but then drift into polar opposite characters years later as they mature into their late teens and twenties.

They were raised by a politically driven, powerful father (Sadiq Daba) and an entitled overindulged rich wife (Ireti Doyle). The table’s turn for the twins when tragedy hits and their loyalty to their parents, and ultimately to one another, is tested.

The series also stars Uti Nwachukwu, Bucci Franklin, Uru Eke, Tony Monjaro, Aisha Shaba, JideKosoko, Femi Branch and Stanly Chibunna (Funny Bone) amongst others, with guest appearances from veteran standup comedian AliBaba, Nike Davies-Okundaye of Nike Arts gallery, Cool FM’s OAP, Manny Essien and Chef Eros of Cookie Jar.

The television series was created and produced by Delmwa Deshi Kura, Creative Director for Discovery Communications in Nigeria, and Chief Executive Officer of DelMedia Productions, a Lagos based TV & Film Production House. She is the winner of the documentary prize at Discop, Africa’s most prestigious International Film & Television Content Platform in South Africa, and the producer of the Discovery +234 show which has been nominated for the best Television Show category in The New York Film Festival, as well as the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit award.

The show was directed by experienced Multi-Cam Director and Producer, George Sunom Kura who has served in different capacities, in numerous international productions. He has worked as technical director on many award-winning shows including Mnet’s Tinsel, Highlites with IK, Discovery Channel’s Discovery +234, I Dey Vex TV Show and Bridges Drama series.

Duplicity was shot on location in the beautiful metropolitan city of Lagos between October and November 2015. Award winning actress and best actress nominee at the Monte Carlo Television festival, Ufuoma Ejenobor McDermott plays the role of the twins, Zeinom Cameron-Cole and Meinom Cameron Cole.

Zeinom, the very focused career driven earner, is in a stable relationship with James Dimka, a character played by Tinsel, Lekki Wives and Gidi-Up star, Anthony Monjaro. Together they seem to be happy and making clear plans for the future.

Meinom, on the other hand, is the couch potato who is neck deep in all vices known to man, in and out of rehab, is school drop out and likes to hang out with the wrong crowd. Their parents, Chief Adewale and Lady Adyln Cameron-Cole try to no avail to mold Meinom into a responsible young woman like her sister, constantly comparing her to Zeinom in the process.

This creates an air of bitterness and strong competition between the two sisters, and Meinom begins to covet the life and relationship of her sibling. Veteran television broadcaster, presenter, actor, director and producer, Sadiq Daba plays the role of Chief Adewale Cameron Cole.

Sadiq Daba is best known for his role, Waziri in the AMVCA award winning film, October 1. Chief Adewale Cameron-Cole is a powerful and temperamental political Godfather and King Maker who has enthroned Senators, Governors and Presidents but now wants the ultimate seat of power for himself.

This character has reached the pinnacle of his endeavor and now seeks to build and protect his legacy, part of which involves rehabilitating his favorite but irresponsible child Meinom Cameron – Cole as he prepares to run for the biggest race of his life - The seat of the President.

Unknown to him his wife has a 36 year old secret that could be far more damaging to his aspirations than his wayward daughter. Ireti Doyle, accomplished writer, actress, producer and presenter best known for her roles on Tinsel and Mo Abudu’s Fifty, plays Adlyn Camron Cole.

Adlyn is unapologetically bourgeois, and an obvious beneficiary of the Queens Imperial System of Education. She is a lover of the arts and a devoted mother and wife. There is a wall around her that can only be crossed by those she graciously lets in. This guarded nature finds root in the scandalous secret she is hiding.

This character takes credit for her responsible daughter’s success, and secretly perceives her wayward daughter’s failures as direct punishment for her deceit. Lola Dalhatu is a character brilliantly played by the beautiful and talented Uru Eke. Uru has featured in various movies, including Last Flight to Abuja, Being Mrs. Elliot, Weekend Getaway and The Duplex.

She is also brand ambassador for Yudala Nigeria. Her character, Lola is a drop dead gorgeous blazing hot former struggling Model/Actress, now socialite, full time ostentatious housewife of Mustapha Dalhatu, a character played by famous Nigerian actor and playwright, Femi Branch. She is quick with her tongue but sly enough to not slip up on an on-going affair with their closest friend.

Lola wants to have a baby for the security of her marriage to Dalhatu, but she wants to enjoy life with no inhibitions while she is at it. 2012 Giama Best New Actor and Nollywood's sweetheart, Uti Nwachukwu plays the role of Lanre Viking Maduka, a well-groomed and chivalrous Lagos drug lord.

In a world of organized crime, he spearheads minions that are known for violence, tough fighting and have operations in many cities. He wants a steady cash flow established between his organization and Meinom. Bucci Franklin, best known for his prominent role in TV series, A’s Crib,Fusion and Bambitious is Detective Somto Amadi, a philosophical thinker, and love child of Adlyn Cameron-Cole.

He is a former Police Detective turned full time Private Investigator following 'The Breakdown' and his neglect of work, which happened as a result of him trying to find the woman in his father’s Journals and solve his father’s famous suicide.

Popular comedian and Housemates star, Stanley Chibunna aka FunnyBone plays Pedro, a recent university graduate and personal assistant to Zeinom Cameron Cole at Phoenix Realty. He is an aspiring singer, and celebrity hungry young man looking to 'Blow'.

While not very talented, this character wants to “blow”. The circumstances that will test his loyalty will be tied to his uncontrollable aspiration to stardom. Aisha Shaba plays Detective Zara Gowon, a very confident and strong woman who has survived and thrived in a male dominated field. She curses like a sailor, can cry uncontrollably and she’s always ready to assist her former partner, Detective Somto whenever he calls for her.

The brilliantly well rounded television series that was shot in Lagos state, Nigeria offers a powerful, solidly crafted message that’s as rich and timely as its exquisite state-of –the-art locations, all while remaining suspense filled and funny enough to keep younger viewers entertained.

The costumes, designed by AMVCA and AMAA winner, Byge Oru, are dazzling and eye-catching. The story crosses multiple generations and is laced with intrigue and power play. Duplicity premieres on Saturday, June 4, 2016 on Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151, on DSTV and is set to air every Saturday by 8pm on this channel.