In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria,

According to her, she has never experienced the much talked about discrimination in Nollywood. She however revealed that she has heard her colleagues share their experiences.

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"I have never experienced it on my own part,"  she said.

"I really cannot say if there's a discrimination or not, maybe because I communicate with every single member of the industry. Whenever we meet, even if we haven't worked together, we say 'hi.'

" I don't really know what any other of my colleagues are going through for them to come out and say such thing."

"What is English? English is a general language. Indigenous is our language. Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, those are our languages, those are the things we need to embrace, those are the things we need to sell to people.

What do we want to sell to the western world? English? No! They speak it, we learn from  them. So, we want to teach them their own language?

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undefinedis a multiple award winning actress popular for her roles in movies such as "Oloju Ede", "Alakada", "Onitemi","Ten Million Naira", "Modupe Temi", among others.

Watch Doris Simeon in video below.