The half Lebanese, half Nigerian lady who is her 20s, has been busy distributing her sexy pictures on the internet and has gone a step further to declare that she would not mind acting in a pornographic movie if that will make her a star.

The actress cum model, who has acted in movies like ‘MyDaughter, MyJewel’, ‘HiddenCrown’, and ‘DropofTear’, recently declared in an interview that she supports porn movies and will act in them.

Hear what she said: “Pornography makes our films more real. When you shoot in SouthAfrica or Ghollywood, there’s no movie you are going to do without emotion, love and sex. I don’t call it pornography; I call it doing your job.

“If your script says you should do something, it is doing your job; Nollywood has no business doing movies if it cannot absorb pornography. I don’t mind acting nude, if the money is right. The problem with Nigerians is that most of us are hypocrites.

“What is wrong in someone being free, doing his or her job? I am not doing it for anybody to like it. I am doing my job. I am building my own profile.

“I don’t see anything wrong in acting in pants and bra as long as it makes me to become a star.”

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