Speaking to Pulse in an exclusive chat, Adedoyin said, "My father resisted the idea of me going into entertainment when he found out. And he resisted until he found out I was already doing it."

The 'October 1' star, however said his father had a good intention for resisting his incursion into the world of movies.

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" I think his heart was pure about it, he wants me to be okay but just didn't understand it, that is all," he told Pulse.

The 'King Of Boys' actor said his dad resisted the idea of him going into acting because he probably didn't understand the whole idea.

Speaking further, the actor and singer said his dad had been successful in banking and manufacturing world, hence the world of entertainment and its business appeared strange.

"He didn't give a reason for resisting against me going into entertainment but now I understand it. You can't really believe in what you don't understand.

"He has had success in manufacturing and banking and stuffs like that so I don't blame him if he can't understand lens or character or narrative or return of investment on video on demand or cinema ticket sales or endorsements or stuffs like that so it was like a different world for him and I really can't blame him for not understanding, he didn't understand it and that is fine.

"Maybe if it was something he understood or if he had had some success in entertainment and his little boy was trying to do more than him, it will give him a sense of pride but what he initially got was a sense of surprise and confusion, what is this, how are you going to make money from this," Demola said.

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I didn't tell my dad before becoming an actor  - Demola Adedoyin

Demola, who is the 10th child of the famous industrialists from Kwara state, said he didn't really get a formal consent from his dad before landing his first movie role.

The actor said he had planned out how he wanted his dad and other family members to find out about his involvement in the movie industry.

"I didn't really take permission, I didn't say this is what I want to do, please help me, I just started doing it and when they found about it, it was exactly how I wanted them to find out because my logic is if I'm doing this thing and I start getting successful, I won't need to tell anybody.

"So, that was the system I just used, so I thought, if they start hearing about it, that will be a sign that maybe I have some momentum," Demola Adedoyin said.

Demola, who admitted to being a movie critic, landed his major movie role in Kunle Afolayan's blockbuster, 'October 1.'

He has since acted in various movie productions including 'Knock Out Blessings,'Kemi Adetiba's 'King of Boys' and yet-to-be released 'God Calling' from BB Sasore.