Nigerian OAP,

The news was announced on her official Instagram page on August 7, where she also thanked her colleagues for being a part of her story.

Describing her time with the radio station as a 'great ride,' Elebe says the best part for her was getting to play amazing music.

While she didn't outrightly say where she is headed next, the OAP has been quite active in the Nigerian film industry with projects such as "Skinny Girl in Transit,""Rumour Has It'and "Jemeji,"all which she worked on as a scriptwriter.

On August 31, Elebe's first scripted feature film, "From Lagos With Love" - a film which follows a family reunion that exposes secrets and truths untold - will be released in cinemas nationwide.

Dami Elebe hopes that everyone would get to see the difference her next chapter would make.