In February 2016, Nollywood actress

Following the fight, Goddy was suspended by the then president of  the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

by the current AGN president, Emeka Ike, who likened the ban to jungle justice.

Goddy recently opened up on the controversial incident in an interview with Punch newspaper.

According to the actress, nobody heard her side of the story before dubbing her a cannibal, and placing a ban on her.

“I am not a cannibal; I have never eaten a human flesh in my life. I feel sad when I read that they call me a cannibal but I am a very strong person. If you are innocent of something, with time you would be vindicated. I am happy that people who have had to relate with me know that I am a peace-loving person,” she said.

According to her, God is punishing Ibinabo for passing wrong judgement on her.

“My only regret is that I indulged her and I am not proud of it. But then with my age and the little number of years I have spent in the industry, I should be excused. Politicians fight every day, so I don’t see why I should be buried. I did not kill anybody. Ibinabo was accused of killing somebody and she was walking on the street, bragging before the law caught up with her. I believe that it is because she passed a wrong judgement against me that God is punishing her. Her ban against me was flimsy and uncalled for even though it has been lifted by Emeka Ike," she said.

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In February 2006, Ibinabo was alleged to have collided with the car of a staff of Lagos State hospital, Giwa Suraj as a result of reckless driving on the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Fiberesima was granted bail from Kirikiri prison for the sum of N2million on Thursday, April 7, 2016, so she can get medical attention for her breast cancer ailment.


On April 4, 2016, Emeka Ike was announced as the undefinedpending its elections in 2018.

Watch Ibinabo in video below.