Pulse Nigeria has presented you with clips from an interesting interview with Chika Ike.

A full video of the interview can be watched above.

During the interesting chat, the actress spoke about what the world doesn't know about her, her views on feminism, difference between season 1 and 2 of her reality series.

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She also shared her inspiration as an actress and producer, the term New and Old Nollywood, what feminism means to her, among other interesting topics.

On the term 'new Nollywood,' the "Miss Teacher" actress said,"I don't like to categorize it as 'new Nollywood,' we are all Nollywood."

"It's just the obvious. Funding. We want to compete with the international market, but we lack funding. Because when you make  a movie, your intention is to make profit. It's a business. At the end of the day you want to make profit and sell your films."


The actress who has produced over three films this 2016, also shared her inspiration. "Whenever I wake up, I'm looking for the next new thing to do, how to impact in my society."  "Basically, having the love for the art  in my heart, has been a wonderful inspiration so far."

Chika Ike's 2016 productions include "Yes, I Will," "Happy Ending," "One Fine Day," and the second season of her reality series, "African Diva."

The interesting interview can be watched above.