A recent episode of Emma Ugolee‘s The Gist, featured Nollywood filmmakers, Uzo Okpechi, Charles Novia and Moses Inwang.

The episode focused on the term 'New and Old Nollywood.

According to Uzo Okpechi, the new set of Nollywood actors have brought nothing to the table. He also stated that they are not known outside Lagos, describing them as 'Instagram stars."

"They even call themselves the new Nollywood," Moses Inwang said.

"If you put Blossom, OC Ukeje at the box office, and put a different film with Ramsay Nouah and RMD. It's the movie with Ramsay that would probably pull more crowd," Novia said.

Nollywood actors, producers and directors took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the statement, which some considered wrong, unnecessary and petty.

Watch a clip from the show below, and check out reactions:

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Reacting the backlash, Novia stated that he was taken out of context, but is not sorry for his statement.

This is not the first time Novia is coming under attack for his statement on the controversial 'new vs old Nollywood' term.

Earlier this year, Novia wrote on the controversial undefined.

According to him, it's disturbing that most young filmmakers aren't part of a guild. He went on to use terms like "up tarts" and"Artistic infantilism," while likening their Careers to "bubble gum."

His article earned him a response from younger filmmakers including James Omokwe and Chris Ihidero.