We have put together 10 things we learned from the fifth and sixth episodes of "Castle and Castle," including the funniest scene and favourite performance of the week.

Spoiler Warning

This article has spoilers, so you should only read if you've seen the latest episode of the legal drama series. Catch up on our review of episode four here.

Here we go:

1. Ben Castle's girlfriend visits from London

We are introduced to Ben's girlfriend from London, Jessica, who is actually quite extra and a chatterbox.

In the first few minutes of meeting her boyfriend's mum, she talks about the weather in Lagos and her parents opposing her trip because of kidnappers in Nigeria. She even talks about her ex-boyfriend.

And as you would expect, Remi isn't fond of her.

2. The lawyers of Castle and Castle take up interesting cases

In episode four and five, there are no cases created for the sole purpose of eliciting laughter. This time, the lawyers of take up interesting cases. We even get to see them in a court.

In episode four, Andrew (Okey Uzoeshi) needs a court injunction to stop his side-chick, Ayanda, from leaving Nigeria for South Africa with their son.

She was his side-chick for a decade, patiently waiting for him to divorce his wife as he had promised. Andrew tells his lawyers - Malik and Nneka - that while he hates his marriage, he loves his wife and kids, and can't divorce them for Ayanda, who he is, however, interested in marrying as a second wife.

After his court injunction is denied, he becomes desperate and kidnaps his son.

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3. The Amina case turns out to be a good for the firm

Considering the attention this particular pro-bono case has received so far, we were hoping to see somewhat of an  exchange in a courtroom. Nevertheless, we are excited that Tega got to win this case. Perhaps, grandpa would give him the respect he deserves next time he strolls in for a visit.

The case and Tega's victory is getting so much local and international attention, and suddenly, Remi, who was opposed to the idea of a pro-bono case, is giving out comments to journalists, expressing her disappointment at the injustice being meted out on 'the poor girl.'

After a local print media publishes a report that describes Nike as Tega's wife, Remi sets up a press conference, which she hopes would help the media 'get their facts right.'

Nike doesn't seem too pleased. She is sad that Remi would take the shine from herself and Tega. And take the shine did she...

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4. Remco won't be an easy client to handle

Not that it's a surprise, but Remco won't be an easy client for Castle and Castle. In the last episode, a former staff sues the airline for wrongful dismissal.

When Remi questions Otumba about it, he isn't bothered. According to him, he needed to make an example out of the former employee.

As more reports of unlawful dismissal come up, Otumba asks Remi to make it disappear, as he doesn't want to go to court or get the press involved.

He also expresses his disappointment at Remi, saying that her father - who we've happily missed these past two weeks - had described her as the best, but there she is, crying at the first sign of a big fight.

5. Is there more between Mike and Remi?

Turns out that Mike is the lawyer representing the wrongfully dismissed Remco employee. After a meeting with Remi and his client, he tells Remi that he misses her and only used the case as an opportunity to see her.

She asks him to leave as there's nothing left for him here. She also tells him that Tega would soon be back from his trip.

It seems like a pretty normal conversation between a mentor and mentee, except for Mike's longing eyes as he stares at Remi.

6. Talking about Mike...

He seems to be Castle and Castle's major competition these days. We see him again in episode five, this time representing a 17-year Jehovah witness, who is suing a Doctor client of Castle and Castle for administering a blood transfusion which he had prohibited.

According to the young man whose life was saved, the blood transfusion turned his community against him and caused his parents to disown him, leaving him homeless.

The case is perhaps, a subtle attempt by the creators of the show to address the extremities of certain religious beliefs.

7. Kwabena hooks up with Doshima

Kwabena is one of the most hilarious characters on "Castle and Castle," and he doesn't even have to try so hard. It's his pettiness and the way he smirks while dealing with Ben that makes him a favourite.

In episode six, he hooks up with Doshima. Afterwards, they both agree that it isn't professional for them to continue sleeping which each other.

Let's see how that works out for them.

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8. "Castle and Castle" pays homage to victims of sexual assault

In the wake of several conversations about sexual assault and consent, episode six of "Castle and Castle" recognizes thousands of victims out there.

In the episode, a young girl has been raped by a man she went home with. They had shared a consensual kiss, after which he tried taking off her clothes, which she said "no" to, but he forcefully undresses her, overpowers her, and rapes her.

It also turns out that her abuser is the son of a powerful military man, but her lawyer, Malik, is determined to get her justice as he applauds her for speaking up.

9. Ben is involved in an accident

The last time we see Ben Castle, he is tipsy and driving back from an outing with his childhood friend, Kemi, when he hits a man down.

It's uncertain if the man is the dead or alive, but we do know that he seems badly injured, and Ben is in a lot of trouble.

10. Funniest scenes of the week

Every scene with the dramatic Stella is funny, especially the one she shares with Doshima after her obvious flirtatious moment with Kwabena.

It's brief, but it's funny in an understated manner.

Favourite Performer(s) of the week.

We may not be huge fans of Otumba and his morals, but we can't disregard the expertise with which the character is delivered by Patrick Doyle.

Entertaining episodes overall, but we have just one question:

What's the deal with Malik?

He seems to be shrouded in mystery, like he has a story we are yet to hear. In episode five, when Ayanda is upset about her missing child and he tries to calm her down, she flares up and hints that he is being insensitive because he doesn't have a child.

There was a pained look on his face, as if he could understand her story and sadness. But who knows, maybe there's no story and he is just being himself; intense and moody.

What do you think about the recent episodes?