Henshaw shared images from the film set on her Instagram account on August 1, 2016. In the first image she posted an image of herself in a black work suit, light blue shirt and dark blue tie with handcuffs attached to the belt holder of her trousers.

From the caption used in her image - “#WorkMode#Detective Bimbo #BUSTED #Actor”, it's safe to assume the actress will be playing the character called Detective Bimbo.


The executive producer of the movie is iBelieve Entertainment. The movie is being produced by Inertia Productions.

Henshaw is a talented actress known for her performance in film, TV and on stage. She is known for her roles in products such as "When the Sun Sets,” "The Meeting", "Game Men Play," "Hear Word" and "DoGood."

Benson who is veteran actress recently appeared in Stephanie Linus

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Obazele is also a director and producer. He gained popularity in the 90s when in starred in two of the most entertaining soap operas of that era: "Ripples" and "Checkmate".

In April 2016, the veteran accused the Government of being involved in the piracy of productions from the film industry because of their failure to prosecute pirates.