The Nigerian travel food doc-series explores African cuisine and African delicacies.

"Bukas and Joints" is hosted by media personality Olisa Adibua, and features him traveling around Nigeria in search of the most authentic Bukas and Joints.

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In an upcoming episode, Olisa goes to the deeply cultural and densely populated town of Agege, as he investigates the origins of the popular Nigerian breakfast staple – “Agege bread.” He also samples some Hausa cuisine and a very unique peppersoup.

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The creator of the docu-series, Biola Alabi, explained that the new season will have a wider reach than the first.

The first season featured a 13-episode series, with each episode running for half an hour, and saw the host visiting several bukas and joints across Lagos and even crashing into a wedding to have a sumptuous meal.