Evicted Big Brother Naija housemates, Leo and Ifu Ennada, have shared who they think will win and who they actually want to win the show.

In this interview with Pulse, the housemates who were evicted on Sunday, March 11, 2018, both agreed that they would love to see Alex win the show.

Read the interview below.

Ifu's prediction

Honestly, from an analytical point of view, I don't know who is going to win that show. Because, I mean, I came outside and I saw that the follower-ship of certain people was crazy, people that I didn't think would have a fan base like that. And actually, I am excited for them.

But who would I want to win? I think Alex, because she has a good heart and she deserves it. I think that Alex is someone, who with that money, would do something good with it. So, yes, I am definitely rooting for Alex.

Leo's prediction

I think Alex [should and would win] because obviously, she is the realest in the house. I told her from the first day, she doesn't hide her person. There are certain things that you die down on TV, but Alex doesn't die anything down, she gives you exactly who she is. And I just hope Nigerians are seeing that.

Whether she is crying a lot or whether she is shouting a lot, that is just who she is, and I feel that the realest person should win the money, which is Alex.

And it's going to be very good for her branding. It's going to be very good for her family. It's going to be very good for her future.

Other evicted housemates' predictions

Here's who Bitto and Princess think will win.

Ahneeka and Angel told Pulse Nigeria that they hope Rico Swavey wins the money.

Ifu and Leo were the fourth pair to exit the Big Brother Naija house.