20 new contestants walked into the

The show kicked off with an introduction of the host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who had hosted the second season and contested in the premiere edition of the reality show.

Pulse Nigeria will bring you a daily recap of all the drama that comes with the reality show, Big Brother Naija:  Double Wahala.

Day 1

On the first day, Tobi emerged as the first Head of House of the season. The housemates also had their first diary session.

They told Biggie how they felt about the new Head of House, and who they would like to be paired up with in a strategic alliance.

Nigerians also had very funny reactions to the events of the day.

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Day 2

On the second day of the show, there was a steamy kiss between Miracle and Nina. The diary session was emotional, especially for housemates like Dee-One, Ifu Ennada, Bitto and Vandora.

Nigerians also had really funny responses to Khloe's outbursts and Nina's blunders.

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Day 3

On the third day, Nina confessed that she was falling in love with Miracle. The housemates were paired, and were shocked to discover the implication of the partnership.

The housemates will be partnered with their choices permanently, acting as a unit even when it comes to nominations and evictions.

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Day 4

On day 4, Biggie disciplined the housemates for being unruly. At the beginning of the week Big Brother gave the Housemates a Task on self-expression and optimistic housemates wagered 75 percent of their BB Naira shopping allowance.

A kiss between Princess and Rico Swavey also started a conversation online.

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Day 5

On the fifth day, Biggie punished the housemates for their unruly behaviour through out the week. The Housemates were told to work in pairs to separate a huge bowl of rice and beans.

Also, Anto seems to be romantically interested in Miracle.

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Day 6

On Day 6, K Brule jumped off the balcony after Anto shared a kiss with Lolu. He sprained his ankle, and to make him feel better, Anto was made to lick ice cream off his face.

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Day 7

On day 7, there was the Big Brother Naija Eviction Live show, which featured performances by Kcee.

The housemates also had a truth or dare session. There was also a steamy make out session between Nina and Miracle, and there were several hilarious reactions from the viewers.

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Day 8

Day 9

On Day nine, Biggie gave Lolu a secret task to get a female housemate to fall in love with him in two days. The housemates also fought over food.

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Day 10

Nina got into a fight with Cee C, Tobi was hilariously curved by Cee C, and Miracle got quite cosy with Princess.

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Day 11

Big Brother told the housemates that the pairing has become boring, controlling, hilarious and troubling. The housemates also shared what they don't like about each other.

Tobi trended on Twitter for begging Cee C for a crime he didn't commit.

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Princess gave K Brule a handjob, Teddy A got into a fight with Ahneeka and Tobi says there's nothing to like about Nina.

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Day 13

After the epic house party led by DJ Exclusive, Lolu burst into tears, recalling his role in the Dj's success story.

Teddy A and Bambam finally shared a kiss, and they was a fight between Nina and Ifuennada.

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Day 14

Leo and Alex got intimate after lights out, Princess showed off her butt during a conversation and Cee C, as has become the norm, curved Tobi again.

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Day 15

Khloe got into a fight with Alex over K.Brule. Khloe emerged as the new Head of Houseand choose K.Brule to share her luxury room.

Biggie nominated all housemates for possible eviction for disobeying his rules.

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Day 16

Dee One and Angel got into a fight after Angel told the former that he couldn't spend all day sleeping.

The theme for the week is bonding and to get the housemates to mingle and understand each other, Biggie has so far reshuffled the pairs thrice this week.

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Day 17

Cee C got into a disagreement with Lolu and accidentally injured his groin. Tobi finally kissed Cee C, but their moment was short lived as Cee C attacked Tobi for flirting with Anto and Bambam.

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Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Miracle wins Head of House, Biggie dissolves old strategic pairing and creates a new one, Miracle gets into a fight with Nina and Tobi walks out on Cee-C:

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Day 23

Day 24

Teddy A and Bambam shared a quick kiss and a massage. Tobi and Cee - C couldn't stop throwing subs at each other during a conversation of fellow housemates.

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Day 25

The housemates share their sexual experience. Tobi finally gets back with Cee-C. The housemates also won their wage under Miracle's reign as Head of House.

Since there's was no eviction, the Live show was more of a recap of the activities of the previous week. There were also performances from Nigerian singers DNA and Praiz.

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Day 26

Cee C gets into a fight with Ifu for saying Alex has bigger bum and hips than her, Tobi tells Cee C she's always wrong, the housemates choose TENA (Teddy A and Nina) as their favourite pair.

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Day 27

Leo says housemates who couldn't look him in the face now disrespect him because of Alex, Nina and Mina allegedly caught having sex.

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Day 28

For emerging the most liked pair, Teddy and Nina are immune from possible eviction this week.

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Day 29

Teddy A and Bambam have bathroom sex, Tobi puts Cee C up for eviction, Cee - C says Miracle and Nina are bad company.

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Day 30

Tobi explains why he put Cee-C up for eviction, and Bambam and Teddy A discuss their bathroom sex the previous day.

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Day 31

Cee - C goes on a date with Tobi, threatens to sue Nina for provocation, and gets into a fight with Lolu.

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Day 32

After a beautiful exhibition of Nigerian art and culture, the housemates won their 100% Wager.

This week’s theme was “Art and Music” and the housemates were required to put on a presentation that embodied and represented this based on Nigerian culture.

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Day 33

Nina says her relationship with Miracle isn't ending soon, Teddy A and Bambam quarrel over food.

During his diary session, Leo said he is just friends with Alex and doesn't plan to start or continue what they have outside the house. Cee-C told Biggie that she doesn't think that any of the relationships in the house is real.

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Day 34

Cee-C says Tobi doesn't have common sense. Tobi agrees, says he wouldn't like her if he had sense. Viewers also responded to the epic house party led by DJ Neptune.

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Day 35

Cee-C writes Tobi a love letter, how Nigerians saved Lifu and Celo, and Lifu wins Roc Da Mat challenge.

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Day 36

Day 37

Day 38

Cee-C gets into a fight with Alex, Teddy A addresses his relationship with Bambam, says she doesn't change his love for real girlfriend outside the house, and Miracle and Nina fight.

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Day 39

Viewers react to Nina's alleged oral sex with Miracle, Cee-C gets into a fight with Ifu, Biggie lightens the tense house with music, Tobi and Nina bond over his beard.

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Day 40

Cee-C wins the Arena Games, housemates lose their 100% wager, and Biggie announces Team Blue – Ifu, Leo, Tobi and Lolu – and their Oct app as the winners of the Heritage App task.

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Day 41

Big Brother Naija housemate, Tobi got into a fight with Cee-C for accusing him of 'sexual harassment.'

The fight started after the House party. Tobi was having a conversation with Teddy A, when Cee-C walked in and assumed they were 'gossiping' about her.

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Day 42

Following Leo's eviction, an Alex, who had just survived possible eviction broke into tears, while Rico, Tobi and Nina tried to console her.

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Day 43

Alex says viewers should have saved Leo instead of her, eight housemates are up for possible eviction, Biggie announces a twist to the Head of House title as Nina wins the position.

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Day 44

Cee-C tells Bambam that Tobi's attitude changed after he found out about her virginity, Nina tells Biggie that she wishes for a phone to speak to her family and boyfriend.

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Day 45

Lolu criticizes Cee-C's eyelashes, viewers react to Bambam allegedly giving Teddy A a 'handjob,' Cee-C says she can't marry a man like Lolu.

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Day 46

Biggie granted Head of House Nina the privilege to hold Diary Session on his behalf. For their wager task, the housemates were asked to put together an 'In the jungle' themed musical with a minimum length of 30 minutes, using the props already provided.

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Day 47

Miracle tells Tobi and Teddy A that his relationship with Nina isn't a game, Tobi says he can kiss Bambam and Teddy won't do anything about it.

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Day 48

Rico says Bambam is fake, Alex tells Cee-C and Tobi that their fights have become boring to viewers

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Day 49

Anto gets evicted, Miracle and Nina allegedly have sex, two evicted housemates, including disqualified Khloe and K.Brule stand a chance to return to the house.

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Day 50

Cee-C says she wouldn't talk to someone like Nina outside the #BBNaija house, Nina calls her short, fat and round

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Day 51

Alex says Bambam's walking step irritates her, Nina breaks down in tears during diary session and Tobi complains about how Teddy A treats Bambam.

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