Big Brother Nigeria has kicked off, and there are expectations.

Pulse Movies has put together five things to expect from the show which kicked off on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Here we go;


A surface look at the Big Brother Naija housemates who were introduced on Sunday, January 22, 2017, it was obvious that the judges selected contestants whose escapades will appal and entertain viewers in appropriate measure during the 78 days.

While some of the contestants are in the house to 'sell their market,' some others for the drama and exposure, some others are in it for the prize - 25 million Naira and a brand new KIA Sorento.

Big Brother Naija has returned at the appropriate time in Nigeria. From the entertainment, the gossip, the near nudity, the fights, the reality series will offer the needed escape to Nigerians.

Confused accents

One thing that was obvious last night was the accent. The first day of the night, most housemates were struggling to decide which accent to stick to.

While some will make a decision in the first week, others would loose their confused accent and become truly 'made in naija.'

Angry/disappointed Nigerians

Every Sunday, there would be an eviction show, and every Sunday, there would be angry Nigerians online, asking why Big Brother Naija is being shot in South Africa.

Nigerians want quality, but are unwilling to accept what comes with creating quality. According to Multichoice, there is a fully equipped house in South Africa which is used for the Big Brother shows.

The venue is already set up with all facilities required for the successful execution of the show. What this means is that they will be able to achieve high production values and meet deadlines.

Despite being hosted in South Africa, the show is 100% Nigerian. From the host to housemates and performers, it is still a Nigerian show.

However, for 11 Sundays, most Nigerians would have just one comment on social media, "why is Big Brother Nigeria in South Africa?"

No Shower Hour

As earlier announced, the Big Brother Naija show will be without the popular shower hour, which has entertained and drawn viewers in the past Big Brother Africa shows.

However, if we are to go by the 12 housemates introduced on Sunday, then viewers are probably in for moments better than shower hour.

5. Showcase of talents

From rappers, actors, OAPs, fitness experts and chef, the big brother Naija house has everything and everyone you can think of.

One of the housemates introduced himself as 'everything.' It's just a day into the show, but viewers can expect the housemates to showcase their talents.

What would you love to see in the Big Brother House for 78 days.