The season two finale titled "Kilick" aired on Monday, April 18, 2016, and ended with a cliffhanger.

Check out five things that happened on season finale, and Twitter reactions.

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Here we go;

1. Jimmy did not become Saul. After the long wait, fans still didn't get to see Jimmy become Saul Goddman.

2. Mike didn't get to become the ruthless hitman and cleaner you all fell in love with in "Breaking Bad." In the season finale, he decided to put an end to Hector Salamanca. He missed his chance, refusing to take the shot which would mean killing Nacho who was standing in front of Hector.

3. A note that simply read “don’t” was dropped on Mike's car window. While it's unclear who dropped the note, fans are exploring the theory of it marking Gus Fring's return.

4. Jimmy confessed to altering Chuck’s Mesa Verde files - a confession  Chuck gladly put on tape. The recorded conversation and potential felony will hopefully unravel the Saul Goddman fans are excited about in season three.

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Check out Twitter reactions below;

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