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"Game of Thrones" 10 best GOT fan theories

From Ned Stark being alive to Bran Stark being the Night King, what are your favourite "Game of Thrones" fan theories?

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Game of Thrones fan theories play

Game of Thrones fan theories

"Game of Thrones" fan theories are like prophecies; sometimes they eventually happen, other times they don't.

Fans predicted the famous “R+L=J” and Jon Snow's resurrection, but they have also flopped, as when they predicted that the now dead High Sparrow, wasn’t really a religious fanatic, but was a friend of Ned Stark who is also the father of Meera and Jojen Reed.

However, failed theories haven't stopped fans from predicting the series’ plot, characters and end.

In this list, Pulse Movies is sharing 10 weird, insane, unbelievable and unrealistic theories fans have come up with.

1. Bran made the Mad King go mad

play Aerys II, The Mad King of Westeros (HBO)

In season six, when Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven travelled back in time, he was able to shout and be heard by Ned Stark.

So, this interesting theory asks "what if the whispers that the Mad King, Aerys, had heard were simply Bran trying to converse with him?"

What if the king heard the whispers and went crazy? That would mean that Bran is accidentally the force behind the chaotic happenings in Westeros.

2. Ned Stark is still alive

play Is Ned Stark Alive? (HBO)

This has to be our favourite theory. It states that the head of the Stark family met Jaqen (The Faceless Man of Braavo) while he was held in Black Cells before he was 'killed,' and Jaqen used his skills to switch places with Ned.

What this means is that Ned Stark was actually the one that trained Arya.

3. "Game of Thrones" is being narrated by Samwell Tarly

Samwell Tarly — 100% play

Samwell Tarly — 100%

(Helen Sloan/HBO)

What if "Game of Thrones" is just history being detailed by someone who has access to the information - maybe a historical book in a library?

Until this seventh season when Sam cured Ser Friendzone and discovered the dragonglass at Dragonstone, Sam Tarly was before then one of those characters you thought should be dead.

This theory suggests that he is telling the story from the Oldtown and maybe, that's explains his existence on the show.

4. Cleganebowl

play The Cleganebowl teases the death of one of the Clegane brothers (Business Insider )

According to this theory, Hound, the younger Clegane, who really hates his older brother, the Mountain, will engage him in a battle that would lead to the latter's death.

5. Jaime will kill Cersei

play Who would kill Cersei? Tyrion or Jaime? (HBO)

Once a Kingslayer, always a Kingslayer?

After the season six wildfire vengeance incident, Cersei is probably headed towards becoming the Mad Queen.

And while Jaime had killed the Mad King because he planned to use the wildfire to wipe out King's Landing, that's not the origin of this theory.

Remember the prophecy by the witch who told Cersei that she would lose her three children?

She also said she would be queen until a younger woman overthrows her, after which she would be killed by "the Valonqar"

The Valonqar in Valyrian actually means 'little sibling.'  So, who would it be? Jaime or Tyrion?

6. One of Dany's dragons will become a White Walker

play Viserion becomes a Night Walker (Bustle )

If this theory comes to pass, we are definitely in for an epic battle. According to this fan theory, Viserion, one of Dany's dragons, will die in battle and be resurrected by the Night King, who will ride it into battle.

7. Tyrion Lannister is a Targaryen

play Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones (HBO)

This theory states that Tyrion is the son of the Mad King and Joanna Lannister. In the book, it's mentioned that the Mad King was attracted to her.

He probably raped her or had a mutual relationship with her. Also, this could explain Tywin's deep hatred for Tyrion.

Remember his dying words to Tyrion? "You're no son of mine."

8. There's a dragon preserved in the wall

play There's a dragon preserved in the wall (YouTube )

The wall was created using magic, so this theory simply states that there could be a dragon preserved inside the wall.

In the book, it's said that the Ice dragon is a part of Westeros' legend. It is enormous and breathes Ice.

9. Syrio Forel = Jaqen H'agar

play Syrio Forel = Jaqen H'agar (Pinterest)

This theory states that Arya's dance instructor, Syrio, who sacrificed his life to save Arya from Meryn Trants is the same person with Jaqen (The Faceless Man of Braavo).

This is the easiest theory to believe. It has been seven seasons and there's still no explanation as to what Jaqen was doing in the Black Cells.

"We still don’t know who Jaqen is and why he showed up in the story in the first place.It wasn’t a coincidence. It was all part of a bigger plan — that's my theory," The actor who plays H'ghar once said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

10. Bran Stark is the Night King

play Let's not forget that Bran seems to attract the White Walkers (HBO)

This theory wants us to believe that Bran Stark may actually be the greatest villain in "Game of Thrones."

According to this theory, Bran will go back in time, to the point when the first white walker was created. In an attempt to make peace with the Children of the forest, he will warg into that "first man" and try to end the war.

Unfortunately, it back fires and he gets tied up and is turned into the first white walker.

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