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Ben Lugo Touitou Actor shares 12 lessons from 2015 as he adds a year

Today, January 22, 2016, is Ben Lugo Touitou's birthday, and the actor has shared 12 lessons from 2015.

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Nollywood actor, Ben Lugo Touitou is a year plus, and to mark his new age, the "Lagos Cougar" actor has shared 12 things he learnt from 2015.

The year 2015 was an interesting and successful one for the actor who landed major roles in quality movies and TV series.

From "Desperate Housewives Africa," "One Fine Day" to "Oasis 2," from interviews with key players like "Jara," "Highlites with IK," among others,  the actor really had a rewarding 2015.

To mark his birthday, Coca Cola gifted his bottles of the drink, with his name written on them.



Read his write-up with the title "The Hour Hand. 12 Lessons from 2015"

2015 came suddenly as it did go the same. As actions, decisions, joy, pain, happiness, sadness, dilemmas, mistakes, victories and experiences all turn to memories-only to be re-lived with close eyes; I look at the past year with feelings of nostalgia.

As I type these words reminiscing on the lessons learnt, I am flooded with feelings of happiness, with smiles and a certain unexplainable peace. A peace that assures me that anything and everything is possible, that dreams do come true, that hard word do pay off, that working smart is an art (that should be mastered) and that one who stands with God Almighty can conquer everything.


So now looking back at all my fears, doubts, nightmares and how they all faded away so easily at the sight of determination, I am reminded that nothing is more important than the Love and Grace of God. I am reminded that nothing is impossible, that most of our fears stem from lack of knowledge and understanding.

I am reminded that the heart that is set to sail and is determined to reach its destination will succeed regardless of the storms and waves that comes dashing at it. I am reminded to never lose hope, to never lose sight of my goals, my visions. I am reminded to remind myself of who I am, shout it to the four corners of the Earth, to stand firm and look at fear in the eyes. Behold I am reminded that nothing can separate us from the eternal Love of God and that He is Faithful even when we are not.

Smiling now, I can boldly say that 2016 will be enigmatic! Full of profound miracles and greatness, the best year yet and glorious. Taking a deep breath of excitement, I must say this: Your Dreams are Valid! Never Give Up!!! With each passing hour I see clearly what I am suppose to do. The misty roads now beam with sunshine and the fog disappears with the golden smile of the lilies across the fields.

Ben Lugo is almost recognisable for new movie role play When Ben Lugo got a new look for movie role (Instagram)


Time though an illusion, serves an important purpose. It is a teacher that must be respected and mastered. And here are the lessons that it has taught me thus far as the Hour Hand pass by.

1. Be ready to fail, and be ready to smile and dust off your shoes and move on when you do. Failure means nothing, it's only an illusion. It's the guiding hand that leads to success. The only time you fail is when you stop trying.

2. The mind that stays 'hungry' and never settle for less will succeed. The mind is the most powerful instrument given to Man by God. Nurture it, feed it, strengthen it, and use it wisely. It can be a faithful servant. Let your mind never stop dreaming, let it never stop believing in that business or vision. You may lose an idea today or hit a brick wall tomorrow, but keep your mind on the ultimate goal/vision and it will find a way. Always.

People suffer because of lack of knowledge and understanding of how the world works, hence never stop learning. Stop watching mundane television shows and start to gather information that can make you better. No matter how little, your mind will utilize this when the situation arises. This is mystery.

Ben Lugo Touitou, Ozzy Agu, Nonso Odogwu, Jason Nwoga, Femi Branch in 'Desperate Housewives Africa' play Ben Lugo and male cast of "Desperate Housewives" (Instagram)


3. Always thrive for excellence in everything you do. No matter how little, try to leave a mark of positivity in all you do and say. You may think that no one is looking, trust me, people see these things. One way or another.

4. Sometimes fear and doubt is the only factor holding you back from success. Instead of thinking too much and saying what if-once you have your facts right-just do it! Always remember that no matter what, better days lie ahead. Temporal setbacks can be a great way for a major comeback.

5. Travel. Meet people. Learn to connect with them and bring some value with you while you at it. The one who knows successful people and is known by them, is soon on his/her way to success too.

Ben Lugo Touitou play

Ben Lugo Touitou



6. Never give up! If this is your dream, your desire, NEVER give up! Being focused doesn't mean that you won't make mistakes, slip and get distracted sometimes, no. It means putting yourself back on track every time that you do, and keep grinding.

7. Be mindful of the people you let into your life. Be careful what you tell them. And learn to mind your own business. Jealousy, envy, and bitterness usually stem from looking at what others are doing and comparing yourself with them. Remember the race is different for everyone, thrive to be the best of the best for yourself. Believe in yourself and work hard. In time you will fly. Remember the catapult principle, it may seem like it's going back, but when you let it go, that stone can travel really far and fast.


8. Learn from others, find how they did it and create your own strategy.

9. Pray like you have never worked. And work like you have never prayed. Take time in all your busy schedule to spend time with God. If you are true to yourself and you don't hop around looking for fame the cheap way, then God alone should be your Source and if so, go to Him every now and then. But mind you, do not be a religious nut who lives like a hypocrite. Many Christians act pious, and are trying to be 'holy' yet can't treat others with respect and concern. They talk like other people mean nothing and expect to succeed themselves.

They may for awhile but it will be very slow and sometimes not for long. I rather walk with a respectable atheist than a religious fool. Cut away when you see people who claim to be for good yet do not respect others and talk to them with respect and concern. Treat the CEO the same way as the janitor. You may think no one is watching but God and the Universe are. And these things always have a way of coming back at you. The world already has a lot of darkness, sadness and sorrow, do not add to it. Be a light and be kind to people, sometimes they have problems that weighs on them but secretly.


10. Hard work pays off but smart work sustains that payoff. Learn to create automation and cut out redundant processes by creating a framework. Always learn the newest ways of accomplishing more. Also learn how things work in life. Do not settle. Keep learning, growing and dominating.

11. Learn to stoop low (cost-benefit analysis) to conquer, learn to market yourself and sell yourself. Successful people are the best sales men. Directly or indirectly. Hence reach out to the people you want to work with but with style. With that said, do not be stupid by stooping too low. Have your standard, have your principle, have your pride. Let NO ONE walk all over you. Many will, but never let them. Hold your respect and guard it. Respect others abundantly but watch out for those who do not respect others and avoid them like a plague. Do not go crying for help or favours or opportunities; if you work hard, pray and thrive for excellence, you will go from overlooked to overbooked. TRUST ME on this one! Hence anyone who thinks that they have power over you or your success is only wasting time.

Ben Lugo on set of 'Lagos Cougars' with Monalisa Chinda. play Ben Lugo on set with Monalisa (Youtube)


12. Emulate greatness and stay consistent. Set your mind and gaze on legacy and legendary accomplishments. A negative mind cannot produce a positive life. There is a time for everything. Life is but for a 120 years old at most, and that's short. Use your time wisely. Sometimes you have to sacrifice pleasure for the greater good of your life. Sometimes you have to sacrifice fun for funds. Live within your means and save your money for better things. In the end when we die, it's not the cars we bought or the showoffs we made to get fake respect that matters, it's what you did to impact others, what you did to help the world, if you lived or you just passed by.

Watch Ben Lugo and Tony Umez in trailer below;

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