Women and men around the world feel pressured to get married, and BB Sasores

"Before 30" is a  TV series about four ladies, their relationships and the pressure they go through to get married before the age of 30.

Their stories are voiced over by Temi Coker, played by Damilola Adegbite.

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Nkem played by Beverly Naya is the sexy, go-getter and career woman: In episode one, she boldly walked up to a hot stranger she met at a wedding.

Ama played by Anee Icha is the sweet and cheerful 24-year old banker, who is playful by nature. She is also the youngest of the four ladies.

Aisha played by Meg Otanwa, is married to a very protective and controlling man, Sheriff, played by Patrick Diabuah.

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In episode one, Temi's boyfriend of four years, Ayo played by OC Ukeje, breaks up with her because 'She is obsessed with marriage'.

Temi now has 1 year, 10 months and six days to find another Ayo, who is ready to put a ring on her finger, because, she just has to get married ‘Before 30’.

"Before 30" remains one of the most relatable TV shows about the pressures women go through to get married before a certain age.

While we all await the second season, watch the 1st episode of the 1st season below and remember just how charming "Before 30" actually is.