BBNaija 7:Housemates do less dancing & more talking at Saturday night party [Highlights]

August 14th 2022, 12:31:52 am

Week three’s Saturday night was very less about the music and more about igniting new scores.

The housemates are ready for their week 3 Saturday night party [Instagram/bigbronaija]

The housemates seem to have missed the memo for the night as there interestingly was a handful of drama for their Saturday night party that had nothing to do with dancing. In case you missed it, catch the highlights:

Diana guilt trips Giddyfia for sharing a conversation with Amaka

Top on the list of the non-dancers of the night was Amaka. Probably in need of male attention, the level two housemate got chatting with Giddyfia about his love interests. It did not take long before Diana got ticked off and took their conversation outside the party.

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Ilebaye’s alcohol influenced breakdown gets Chomzy on her side

The roommates were stuck in a hug and a barely coherent conversation about the male housemates. At some point, Chomzy quipped “every guy upstairs (level one house) except Sheggz has asked me out."

Their soul sister chat soon moved outside the party hall to the gardens where Ilebaye cried profusely about getting nominated for eviction.

Chichi slams Ilebaye over the latter's attempt to humiliate her on the dancefloor

Chichi thoroughly trashed Ilebaye outside the party hall for rudely interrupting her dance with Groovy. Chichi had some choice words for Ilebaye when she tried to apologize.

Majority of the housemates take the party into the garden

Minutes to the end of the night, a majority of the housemates from both levels exited the hall to catch up.

Groovy admits feelings for Chomzy

Groovy also quit the party early to have a heart to heart with Daniella about his Chichi and Ilebaye drama. The housemate also revealed he had been nursing feelings for Chomzy, the housemate that caused his row with Beauty last week.

Precious 'Mamazeus' Nwogu
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