Its already day ten in the Big Brother house and the housemates have obviously settled in and accustom themselves with the house.

For the housemates, getting the tasks done has become a major priority for them. As we all know it's another eviction week so every housemate up for eviction has loosened up and we must say Sir Dee has finally come out from his shell.

Day 10 wasn't one of the most lively days in the house but we got to see the housemates clash and resolve conflicts...lets not also forget that the lovebirds are gradually coming out of the closet and there was a birthday girl too amongs their mist. So guys here are what happened in the house on day 10.

Tacha verse the other housemates

Well, it didn't take long before Tacha's continuous interruptions which the housemates felt were over flogged got her at loggerheads with the others [MultiChoice]

The housemates have been trying to put together a very perfect plan for their drama rehearsals. Well, it didn't take long before Tacha's continuous interruptions was called out by the housemates who felt her stance were over flogged and it got her at loggerheads with the others.

BBNaija 2019 housemates workout sessions [Twitter/Big Brother Naija]

Let's just say Tacha is really a strong woman as she was able to withstand the housemates who called her out. For Jeff, handling Tacha's attitude softly will be like allowing a spoilt child to get away with a crime. At the end of the day, Tacha announced to the housemates that they shouldn't be expecting her to respect any of them as anyone who wants that should go back and seek it from their siblings.

Mercy really likes Ike

Mercy Eke has high hopes of winning the season 4 of Big Brother Naija tagged 'Pepper Dem.' [Multichoice Nigeria]

One thing a lot of viewers have been waiting for is that point where housemates begin to have romantic relationships. It looks like Santa has come early for fans and viewers of BBNaija as Mercy and Ike gave us a dose of their affections towards each other.

It looks like Santa has come early for fans and viewers of BBNaija as Mercy and Ike gave us a dose of their affections towards each other [MultiChoice]

Mercy told Ike bluntly that she likes him which was well received by Ike with a neck kiss!... Yaassss!!!

The celebrity and personal assistant task

The head of the house, Nelson announced that Big Brother was feeling benevolent on day 10 and decided to give the housemates a total of 300 coins. This news was received well by the housemates but there was a clause to the coins.

Big Brother then gave the housemates a task where they would be paired with another housemate. The task involved one housemate being an internationally recognized celebrity while the other will be the personal assistant to that celeb. Even though it selection phase was a bit rowdy, the housemates were able to give a beautiful imitation of their roles.

Thelma's birthday

Just like most BBNaija seasons, a number of housemates celebrate their birthdays while in the house. On day 10, Thelma celebrated her birthday and the housemates all turned up to mark the day with the celebrant.

The traditional birthday song was sung by the housemates for Thelma who couldn't hide her joy. There was a cake and the housemates danced with the birthday girl.

The Ninjas...smh

We always find it interesting and even hilarious when Biggie catches the housemates unawares and says 'FREEZE.' With the housemates apparently getting used to this move from Biggie, got to freeze again on day 10. The hilarious part about it was when the ninjas came into the house and went to the kitchen and kinda went through the food they met was cracking to watch. Just another twist to the Big Brother house we guess.