The 12th Saturday Night party came with all the fun and fanfare and here’s all you missed.

For the 12th Saturday Night Party, the 10 remaining housemates had so much fun despite the Munch It Challenge that had Seyi winning for Team Crunch - Tacha, Frodd, and Cindy.

The night remained another eventful one for the housemates and viewers.

Here are some of the highlights at the 12th Saturday night party.

And Mercy is still merciless

Mercy remained merciless as she dazzled housemates and viewers at the 12th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

From her outfit to her dance styles, Mercy remained merciless. Her outfit got several viewers talking on social media - especially Twitter. Mercy didn’t fail to twerk for housemates and viewers with her salacious dress. 

Extra groove

As expected, the Saturday Night Party ends at exactly 11:00 PM since the commencement of BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem. However, for the 12th night, the party continued till 30minutes after the regular closing time. And housemates didn’t bother as the kept enjoying the DJ’s expertise.

Diane shakes off the first strike

Diane didn’t get gloomy over her strike following her fight with Tacha over the VPH red box. Diane seems to have gotten over the strike and she went on to have her usual fun at the 12th Saturday Night party. She enjoyed her mirror gang as well as a few minutes with Elozonam.

Ike, Mike and Elozonam made the highlights for the 12th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

Mike remains a gentleman

For the 12th Saturday Night Party, Mike remained a gentleman. The athlete danced with few housemates but ensured he remained a gentleman. The housemates agreed that Mike has remained a gentleman all through.

Lonely Frodd

Frodd has remained lonely since the exit of Venita in the 10th week. Frodd had enjoyed dancing with Esther and Venita but after the exit of the two housemates, the slow tiger has remained lonely on the dance floor.

Barefoot gang return

Cindy, Mercy, and Tacha return for the viewers' delight. For the better part of the last 12th Saturday Night Party, the barefoot gang has remained endearing without sandals or shoes. The gang - though dancing separately - include Mercy, Cindy, and Tacha. Before and after the exit of founding housemates, Thelma, who remains a member of the gang, Mercy, and Tacha ensured they had fun without shoes or slippers on.