Movie director and writer,

Sasore, who became famous for scripting and directing "Before 30" and "Banana Island Ghost", revealed that his new movie is faith based Christmas blockbuster film.

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Though the filmmaker didn't reveal much about the film, he promised to reward the lucky second unit director with N1,000,000.

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Sasore also noted that the lucky second unit director will be working with him on his new project, "God Calling."

The inspiration behind Banana Island Ghost - BB Sasore

The director and writer of Banana Island Ghost, BB Sasore, said he couldn't remember what went through his mind while scripting the movie.

The "Before 30" director said he was encouraged by the co-founder of Filmhouse Cinemas, Kene Mkparu, to write a genre that would bring returns to his investors and in turn, build the kind of Nollywood he wants.

According to Sasore, he used to write lots of heavy scripts until Kene Mkparu asked 'what are you doing? Nobody is going to make this. Who is going to see this? Write a comedy."

"Write something that you would have to bring returns to your investors to grow the industry to get to make the type of pictures you want to make."

"That's the truth about any industry in the world," Sasore added.