The movie which also stars Elma Godwin, Barrak Uche, Babajide Ayinde and Lanre Tyson, was written by Black and Brandon Jose.

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Four successful Bandits get information to steal priceless information from a history professor at the University of Lagos.After the successful heist, the Bandits find out the information they stole was a setup from the Godfather of the underworld "Fasundeen".Fasundeen is a modern day jazzman with access to information on the value of different ancient artifacts, he is in search of the the most valuable artifact of all “The staff of Oromiyan"The Staff radiates enough energy to power engines and nuclear plants. Mosunmola Omo Eleriyo Adigun, (Fasundeen’s sister and representative) delivers a cold and deadly message to the bandits from Fansudeen.He (Fansudeen) expects them to find the location of the staff, while he holds on to one of their family member as leverage.What will the bandits do?

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Recently, Yomi Black shared the official trailer of the Sylvanus Akakpo directed drama series

Watch trailer below.