Man on fire, Ani Iyoho, has opened up more concerning his recent movie stunt, which certainly fooled everyone.

Touched by the kind words he received from fans after what should have been a nasty fire accident, Iyoho has stated that his faith in humanity has been restored as a result.

He revealed in an interview with Punch News, published on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

He said, “My faith in humanity has been restored. There are people that I do not know who sent me messages on my social media platforms praying for me."

"There were a few other comments of people thinking I was a part of the scam. But I was honoured to see the number of people who sent me good luck messages."

"I never knew I was this loved.”

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According to the actor, so many precautions were taken while trying to shoot the fire scene in the movie.

The make-up artist gave assurances that it will work out fine in the end.

He also mentioned that he had been getting tired of being casted in stereotyped roles before getting the opportunity to play something different in the movie.

“To be frank, I stumbled on the role; I was just at the right place at the right time when I got the role in the movie."

"The part was not supposed to be mine. When I knew I was to do the fire scene, I was excited because I was already tired of acting in romantic dramas."

"We do the same thing over and over again. I needed something challenging. I wanted to do something new and this was something refreshing."

"The make-up artiste had assured me that what she would do for me would work and it took months before we shot that scene."

"We had actually shot the major part of the movie earlier in the year but recently did the fire scene."

"The make-up artiste did a lot of research with practitioners in Hollywood to get the job done. So I had a lot of faith in her”, he said.