Nigerian actor Ani Iyoho describes being set on fire for award-winning director Stanlee Ohikhuare’s film as a "

On Wednesday, July 27, reports surfaced that Ani Iyoho was in the hospital after a fire stunt on set went wrong. - it turns out this was a publicity stunt.

In an interview released on Ohikhuare’s YouTube channel on July 31, 2016, the actor reveals it a thrilling moment he looked forward to.

“Doing that fire sequence was really exciting for me, I really looked forward to it from the moment the director mentioned it,” Iyoho said.

“. . . It was something I was willing to try out.”

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The actor now being referred to as the “man on fire” plays the character Benjamin, a road safety official in “Behind The Wheels” for which the stunt was done.

“When I was on fire, I was feeling a warm sensation that got warmer, it just kept getting warmer and warmer. And this was because as the chemical on the body, rather the gel dries up, it loses its power but it takes about 45 seconds for that to happen”.

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He shared in the video clip that adequate preparation for the performance was carried out by Special effects make-up specialist, Dorothy Kwofie, who was responsible for the fire scene and make-up burns.

In the video Kwofie said they took months to prepare for this scene. She shared she sought advice from stunts men from Hollywood and the producers of the body gel.

“Ani Iyoho was set ablaze but he came out unscathe,” she said.

“I had taken time to prep the actor, Ani Iyoho on the fact that he cannot breathe while on fire because if he did, oxygen would take the fire into his lungs and he would burn”.

The make-up artiste also spoke about the precautions they took on set.

“We had security to make sure people didn’t come off the road to interfere with what we were doing,” Kwofie said.

“We had a stand by lake, we had sand.”

Ohikhuare is known for his love for thrillers and stunts. He is popular for movies like "Stupid Movie," "Verdict," "Common Man," "Tunnel," "Kpians: The Feast of Souls" among others.