Alexx Ekubo has over the years turned into one of the biggest heartthrobs of the movie industry. From his good looks to his hilarity and talent,  the actor has got a lot to make people love him.

Alex has starred in movies  like among others.

If you’re still searching for reasons to love him, here are 5 reasons to love Alexx Ekubo.

Alex has won The 'Best Of Nollywood' award, 'Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards', 'Screen Nation Awards' to mention but a few.

Alexx has proven that he can own both dramatic and comedic performances, the actor has a way of lighting up the screen in any movie he stars in.

It is impossible to watch an Alexx Ekubo movie without grinning from ear to ear. With his on-screen sense of humour, which is not absent in reality, the actor would leave you forgetting the story behind  your bad day.

He is obviously one of the most good looking men in the industry, add sexy to that. You won't be approaching the wrong person if you asked him for some work out tips.

Well, you can call him multi-talented. The actor is not only popular as an actor, he is also popular for his modelling skills. He was first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest

Alex is without doubt a fashionista. You are totally allowed to stalk his Instagram page and see for yourself what good he does to a suit.